Saturday, November 24, 2007

Who Owns Yellowstone Park

If you were to ask 100 Americans "Who owns Yellowstone Park", I suspect most would say "the American People", or "the U.S. government". And they would be wrong, for all practical purposes.

The United Nations controls Yellowstone park - and most other historical properties in America, including the Statue of Liberty, Grand Canyon, Yosemite and more.

Although the United States Constitution declares that we, the people, shall maintain sovereignty over our lands and treasures, a treaty was signed in 1972 that forces our government to protect historical sites under United Nations mandate. In other words, if the ultra-socialist UN decides that people are causing harm to these places, they can order them closed to the public. We, the People, would have no right to use or visit those places.

In essence, the United Nations' World Heritage Treaty effectively takes away our sovereignty over our own property. A full 68% of all U.S. parks, monuments and preserves are now covered by the UN mandate, including 51 million acres of wilderness. This is in violation of the Constitution and federal law.

Federal legislation has been introduced to restore the rights of Americans against this threat to freedom. The American Land Sovereignty Protection Act of 1999 sought to preserve the sovereignty of the United States over public lands and preserve the private property rights of private citizens. It would have required congressional oversight of U.N. land designations within the U.S. Having researched this proposal, I have been unable to find out anything beyond the bill being turned over to the Senate. No mention of the bill ever having been passed. I strongly urge all Americans to contact their Congressmen and let them know they need to bring this proposal back to life and get it passed into law. This is not a "party" issue. It is an American Sovereignty issue.

NOTE: This is not the only instance in which the rights and freedoms of Americans is slowly being turned over to the United Nations - which, by the way, consists primarily of nations that want to see us be destroyed. There are proposals that would allow the UN to decide whether or not vitamins and minerals, as well as natural herbal remedies, be removed from the open market. And there have been proposals that would grant the same kind of control over private property in the US. And the Kyoto Treaty would require the US to lose its position as the major industrial nation, while allowing our competitors (like India & China) to have a free pass on pollution.

We simply cannot allow anyone to take away our sovereignty. Particularly not an enemy organization like the United Nations. Give those nations the chance and they would quickly disembowel us.

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