Saturday, October 22, 2016

EVERY Tax Is Paid By The Poor

I have had several people ask me to once again explain how taxing the rich, or businesses, results in taxing the poor. Others have flatly disagreed - they cannot see the larger picture. So, if you will bear with me for just a few minutes, perhaps I can clarify.

First, I can state emphatically that the rich do not pay any taxes - not ever. And the poor pay all the taxes - always. And that is precisely how the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. Now for proof of the pudding.

Let us say Joe is poor, and Mark is rich. Joe eats a lot of Ramen soup because it's cheap. Mark's company makes the Ramen soup. Joe works for Mark.

The government increases Mark's taxes. They also increase the taxes on capital gains. This pleases Joe because he thinks Mark has too much wealth.

Since Mark's taxes have increased, and he is not in business to lose money, he must now raise the cost of the Ramen that Joe buys. That's business - as costs rise, so do prices. Suddenly, Joe is not so pleased because he is now paying Mark's taxes every time he buys Ramen.

Mark also reduces company benefits, and lays Joe off because the increase on capital gains has forced investors to stop investing in his company. Needless to say, Joe is REALLY unhappy now - and poorer than ever. And he blames Mark, even though it was the "Joe's" of the world who demanded Mark's taxes be raised.

But it is much worse than that - increased taxes on EVERY business and rich person has resulted in the prices of all products and services to increase. Joe is now paying more for gas, his lawn mower, milk, pizza, movies, tires, car - everything he buys is now more expensive, because businesses always pass off any increase in costs - including taxes - onto the customers and employees. They have to. And the end result is that his customers are paying his taxes for him, because taxes are an expense, and expenses are built into the price of products and services.

The only people who cannot pass these added costs onto others are the poor - there is no one below them to pass them to.

This is how it works. Every time.

Increasing taxes - regardless of who you tax - always harms the economy, increases unemployment,  decreases investments that make the economy grow, and makes the poor even poorer.

Even you, the working stiff, pass on your taxes to people below you. Yes, you do. In order to pay taxes, you must earn more money than if you did not have any taxes to pay. Your paycheck reflects that. As businesses increase prices because of higher taxes, those higher prices mean YOU pay higher sales taxes (when the price goes up on an item, so does the amount of tax - you pay 5 cents on a one dollar item, and 6 cents on that item when the price increases to $1.20). So, when you get hit with higher property taxes, higher sales taxes etc., you have to ask for a raise, or you fall into poverty. And where do you think your boss is going to get that money - he has no money tree. He will get it from his customers by way of higher prices (again), which results in even higher cost of goods, plus higher sales taxes on those higher prices. But you have effectively passed on your taxes to those below you.

Every penny of tax is passed down to those below. And it stops with the poor, because they cannot pass it down - they are already at the bottom. Who would they pass those costs onto?

When businesses are taxed more, or capital gains taxes are increased, the business must do one of three things if they are to stay in business. They must either increase the costs of their products/services, OR they must reduce company benefits and/or lay people off, OR a combination of the two. (A 3rd option is to move to Mexico or China, taking the jobs with them). Regardless which they choose, it will result in a sagging economy, higher unemployment, fewer people insured (lost benefits), and the poor getting poorer.

There can be no other result.

On the other hand, you get the opposite result when you LOWER taxes. The cost of business becomes less costly, so businesses can hire more people. They become more competitive, driving prices down. This means the poor would have jobs and income, and the items they buy will not be increasing in price.

Here is a tidbit for you - until the income tax was passed into law in 1913, virtually everything remained reasonably stable in prices for over 100 years. As soon as the income tax was passed, it caused all prices to rise. And ever since 1913, prices have steadily risen according to the rise in taxation.

Virtually all economic problems originate from taxation. The higher the taxes, the bigger the problems.

Democrat politicians, unfortunately, either do not understand simple economics and logic - or do not care, as they have an agenda. In either case, giving them power is a grave mistake.


Saturday, October 1, 2016

How To Put Hillary Down For The Count

It's a simple matter to put Hillary down for the count, quickly, if a few simple tried and true steps are followed.

FIRST and foremost it is not enough to bore people by simply stating a problem and that you will fix it (YAWN) . You need to entertain while you teach, so they GET IT AND REMEMBER IT! Most folks need illustrations they can relate to. Jesus knew that, and used parables to hammer home a point. Democrats also understand that, and use illustrations like pushing granny over a cliff. Illustrations make things easier to understand, and stick with people longer.


Hillary says we should take the economic pie and cut it into smaller slices so the less fortunate can have more. Really? I say we just bake more pies so everyone can have more, not less. You do that by creating an environment that encourages the entrepreneurial spirit and business growth, which creates jobs, which, in turn, increases demand for products and services. And you do that by lowering the burden on businesses - cutting taxes and regulations. You cannot - CANNOT - get something to grow by restricting it . Restriction is how you grow miniature Bonsai trees, not a strong economy. Hillary's plan of higher taxes and more regulations will insure our economy will be a Bonsai, not a Redwood.

2) State unequivically that starting on Day One you will order a complete and thorough FORENSIC AUDIT of every government agency, and convince Congress to eliminate any and all waste, eliminate AND PROSECUTE fraud and to eliminate every item that is not necessary for the safety and general welfare of America. This will insure there will be an excess of money to continue funding necessary social services, such as Social Security and Medicare.

3) If hit with something that can hurt you, turn liabilities into assets (the basis of Ju Jitsu fighting), and following through on the following points:

*Business history (bankruptcies, debt, outsourcing etc) - in 2006 I was running a business. My responsibility was to my family, my creditors and my employees. As such, it was my job to serve them to the best of my ability. I did that, and obviously did it well. In 2017, as president, my new job will be to serve the American people to the best of my ability, and you can bet I will do that job just as well.

*On releasing tax returns - I am proud to pay the least amount of income tax possible, for several reasons. First, it again goes to my responsibility - first to God, then my family and business. By paying the least amount ALLOWED BY LAW, there is more profit to use for expansion, and hiring, which I continually do. I will do the same for America. It is helpful to note that even the I.R.S booklet states each citizen has an obligation to pay no more than is required by law. And as to charitable contributions, I would like to remind the Secretary and the media that the Bible specifically states that taking credit for good deeds do not store treasures for you in Heaven. To store good deeds to benefit you in Heaven you must give ANONYMOUSLY. If I were to claim them on my taxes, I would be cashing in those good deeds now. I do not need those rewards now - I have plenty already. I'd rather store them in Heaven, therefore I rarely claim all that I give. Christians understand.

*Contrary to what the Democrats and the media try to con people into believing, the recession of 2008 was caused totally and completely by Democrats - it just happened to come apart while a Republican was president. In 1936 FDR (D) created Fannie Mae. 1967, LBJ (D) privatized it, giving it freedom. 1977 Carter (D) signed the Community Reinvestment Act into law, requiring banks to make risky loans. In 1994 OBAMA (D) WAS CO-COUNSEL FOR ACORN in its suit against CITIBANK for red-lining, which led to Clinton (D) to pass the Bliley Bill REQUIRING banks to make at least 50% of all loans to the poor who could not possibly repay them. Since banks cannot stay in business if they lose money, this forced banks to create "derivatives", the bundling of notes to spread the risk, and sold them off, mainly to Fannie Mae. In 1996 Senators Frank (D) & Dodd (D) convinced Congress that Fannie Mae was healthy and needed no more regulation (as was requested by Bush). In 2008, the crap hit the fan...courtesy of 70 years of DEMOCRAT policies.

*Isis - In fighting, what Obama & Hillary do is called "telegraphing" blows, which guarantees you lose. Under my presidency, I will take the advice of the generals and admirals, formulate a plan - and KEEP THE PLAN SECRET until it is implemented and over with. Normandy would have been a disaster if the enemy knew when and where we were coming. Secrecy - That is the ONLY way to win any conflict

* Comey says Hillary plays fast & lose with the truth, and outright lies to American people - then lies about lying. It is unfortunate that he compromised the integrity of the FBI, a fine agency of great, dedicated patriots, but nevertheless he did manage to point out that Hillary Clinton is a serial liar, and compromised national security, and under any other circumstances she could not qualify for even the lowest level of security. Yet, she wants top level clearance.

*BENGHAZI - As S.O.S. she was responsible for all State Department policies and actions. That includes the horrid failure in Benghazi. While the facts do show she bore some direct responsibility, that matters little - as SOS, she was the ultimate party responsible - a boss is ALWAYS responsible for his or her employees and agents, and their actions

*Cyber-security: we need to utilize our best and brightest to get ahead of hackers. We don't have to stoop to the level of our enemies - we just have to prevent them from doing us harm. There are geniuses in America that are quite capable of doing that, and to initiate a social media war against our enemies. We will find those geniuses and pay them very well to get the job done.

*National Security:
Unlike Obama & Hillary who follow advice of pundits and political hacks with no experience, YOU will follow the advice of those whose job it is to know how to win wars and keep the enemy at bay - Generals & Admirals. "If I do that, I'm sure they won't have me going off half-cocked. As a life-long, incredibly successful businessman, I know the value of surrounding myself with experts, not partisan bureaucrats, and getting the job done."

*GUN CONTROL: Strange that Hillary now calls gun control "gun safety". Democrats often try to change minds by changing the semantics, like calling illegal immigrants undocumented workers, and aborting a fetus as "choice". And her stance on "military style" weapons is deceptive - military STYLE is not the same as a military weapon. The military STYLE weapons are nothing more than a standard deer rifle  made to LOOK military. It does not function as a military. Military rifles, not available to the public are automatics - bullets keep flying as long as you hold down the trigger (or you run out of ammo). Military "style" weapons available to the public only fire one single shot for each separate pull of the trigger - the very same functionality as any deer rile. Putting on a Superman costume does not make you Superman, and putting a banana clip and hand grip on a deer rifle does not make it a military weapon of war.

*Trickle-Down economics:
Hillary says it never works, but facts prove it ALWAYS works - PROVIDED government gets the Hell out of the way. When government gets in the way with higher taxes and more regulations, it upsets the system of free enterprise that allows the economy to work as it should. When "trickle down" fails, it fails only because of government interference. Nobel laureate economist Milton Friedman proved supply-side economics is the only system that works that can be sustained. Wealth can only be created when a product and/or service is created, made available and sold. The value is in the product/service, and only money can create, produce and market. The money created is used to BUY inventory & supplies, HIRE employees (adding to the IRS coffers) who, in turn, SPEND on other goods/services, which supports other businesses and the jobs created by those businesses. In short, as Sean Hannity often says, no one ever got a good paying job from a poor person

*RACIST: Donald only went half way by mentioning the Florida club he built - why not mention the FIGHT with other clubs that do discriminate? The ones who tried to stop him? Donald not only invited all ethnicities as members, but fought for the privilege to do so

There are 3.5 million people entering the workforce in 2016. Only 2.7 million jobs were created in 2015. Unless they bring jobs with them, like drug dealing, illegals must take jobs from Americans, contrary to what Hillary's spinmeisters claim.

ALL OF THE ABOVE should be clearly stated, as shown, in a televised speech. Then commercials should be proliferated on each individual point, and used in debates as needed

It makes you appear to be on the defensive - not good.
DON'T LET HILLARY GET YOU IN THE WEEDS with BS issues that mean nothing to the people. When she or the moderators (or the media) bring up minor issues that don't matter, IGNORE THEM, or simply say, "Sorry, Hillary - I am going to concentrate on the real issues that real people care about. Let me know when you get around to wanting to debate THOSE."

Smile - don't sneer

Saturday, August 13, 2016

How To Scam The Phone Scammers

Every now and again (like, daily) I get calls from people claiming to be with Google, Microsoft, a credit card company or even some law enforcement agency. Unfortunately, too many people fall for their scams, most particularly the elderly.

Here's what I do - it is both simple and effective. I tell the person (if it is a live person) I waste as much of their time as possible without providing any info, then ask them to give me their number and I will call them back, to verify they are who they say they are. They have two options - either they will not give their number (because they are scammers), or they will give their number (because they are stupid) and hope you will call back so they can get your info.

In the former instance, you have simply dropped them. In the latter instance, call the local authorities and give them the number the scammer gave you, so they can trace it. Scammer busted.

Now, if you get such calls and they are robocalls - a recording - simply hang up. That is always a scam. I usually leave the phone "off the hook" until they disconnect, as that wastes their time.


Saturday, August 6, 2016

Why Earledreka White Was Wrong - and How It Could Have Been Different

Earledreka White, a black woman, was stopped for a motor vehicle infraction. The police officer, following protocol, asked for driver's license etc. The woman, probably because she is black and expecting racism, refused to comply, and called 911 for a second officer.

Although White already failed to comply, stating she was being "harassed" because the officer was following standard protocol, the video shows the cop waited patiently for nearly 3 minutes while she called 911.

Now here is perhaps the most important point - whenever anyone, regardless of the offense (or their color) refuses to comply with a police officer, the standard operating procedure requires the officer to handcuff the individual until such time as the threat level has been determined. This procedure is for the safety of the officer because most police officers who are killed on duty are killed during a minor traffic stop. He, like you, wants to go home at night to be with his family. Only an idiot would not understand that.

The officer did not know the woman. He did not know if she might be armed. He did not know if she might be on drugs. He did not know if she had warrants. All he knew was that she committed a motor vehicle infraction, and that she refused to comply with his requests. And in doing his duty as required (after patiently waiting for 3 minutes), he handcuffed her to insure his own safety until the threat level is determined.

White again refused to comply, and resisted, and tried to fight him. She escalated the situation. Why she did so we do not know, but I suspect it was for the purpose of pushing the Black Lives Matter agenda.

There is a lesson here, for anyone stopped by the police for any reason: do exactly what the officer asks you to do, immediately and without argument. Do nothing more, nor anything less. Chances are if you are not a felon and have no warrants, you will soon be on your way. And if you feel you were stopped without cause, or have any gripe as to how you are treated, take it to court. But do NOT argue with the officer, resist detention, or resist arrest. If you do, you will not like how it ends.

In Illinois a police officer had stopped a man. The man told the officer he had a gun. Per strict police procedure, the officer ordered him to place his hands on the dash. Instead, the man reached down, presumably for his license. The officer thought he was reaching for the gun and shot the man. Though tragic, it was a good shoot, as the officer knew he had a gun, the man did not comply with the officer's request to keep his hands clear, and the officer wanted to go home that night. Had the man simply done what he was told, the officer would have had no reason to feel threatened and would not have shot him.

Ms White should have simply complied with the officer, who would have then either issued her a warning or a ticket, and she would have been on her way. She chose, instead, to be adversarial, resulting in  making the situation worse. That's on her.


Thursday, August 4, 2016

Why It Does Not Matter Where Trump Ties Are Made

With all due respect to those who are unaware of a CEO's responsibility to his/her company, employees, and stock holders, Hillary Clinton seems to be trying to make hay out of the fact that Trump has products, such as his line of ties, made outside the United States, and is trying to hammer him with that. And to many, having his products outsourced may seem a bit unpatriotic. But it is not. What IS unpatriotic is a tax rate and harsh regulations that force businesses out of the U.S.

A CEO's first and greatest responsibility is to maximize profits. Period. And in this day and age, that almost REQUIRES that products be outsourced simply because our government imposes the highest corporate tax rate in the world, and imposes the most restrictions and heavy-handed regulations, all of which makes it impossible to "maximize" profits.

And it is Democrat administrations and a Democrat congress that typically keeps those taxes high, and imposes thousands of new regulations every year. It is Republicans that want lower taxes and less government. The problem lies in the fact that Democrats convince people that it is the "greedy corporations" that are the problem, and they need to be taxed and regulated in order to achieve some sort of "social justice". So, they get away with it because the folks never realize that by punishing business, you drive it away. Money and businesses go where they are most welcome, and that is not in the U.S.

That said, by outsourcing manufacturing, Trump is being a good CEO, and is doing his job successfully. Take that to the logical conclusion, if elected president we should expect him to do for America what he did for his company - make it WORK! Being POTUS would give him a different responsibility, and there is no reason to believe he would not take that one just as seriously.

Trump gets the job at hand DONE. And if his new job is POTUS,  first and greatest responsibility would be to make America great again, and to make America a place that welcomes the money and the business.

So, to make a long story short, it really does not matter where Trump makes his ties...

Sunday, July 24, 2016

The Misinformation About "Assault Weapons" & Gun Controls

The anti-gun people like Michael Bloomberg use fear mongering coupled with misinformation to con ordinary folks into believing stricter gun laws are required. This aricle will present the facts that the Bloombergs of the world do not want you to know. Understand - whenever bureaucrats or far-left people want to fulfill an unpopular agenda like gun control, or legalizing drugs, they always resort to disseminating misinformation, and in some cases they simply and blatantly lie, to get people to accept something they normally would not support.

I will not get into all the statistics from the FBI and DOJ that overturn many of the bogus "facts" that anti-gun people spout - you can and should check those out for yourself. For example, the FBI records indicate that 61% of all gun deaths are suicide. Anyone intent on suicide will find a means of doing so, gun or no gun.

1) "Assault weapons" like the AR-15 are NOT assault weapons at all. An assault weapon is fully automatic - pull the trigger, it keeps firing until you release the trigger or it runs out of ammo. Such weapons are not available to ordinary citizens except those who have been provided a special license by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tabacco & Firearms (BATF). AR-15's available to the public are nothing more than ordinary SEMI-automatic hunting rifles (one shot for each separate pull of the trigger) that is designed to LOOK like an assault weapon. Think of it like this - just because you dress up as Superman does not make you Superman

2) Stricter gun laws actually make us less safe. Whereas criminals do not adhere to laws, gun laws only affect law-abiding citizens. Note that cities like Chicago, which have the toughest gun laws, also have the most gun crime. The reason is simple - criminals do not follow the law, and Chicago has no control over its criminal element. So ask yourself - do drug laws make people less likely to obtain drugs? Neither would more gun laws.

3) We already have sufficient gun regulation. The problem lies with the fact that liberals like Michael Bloomberg, Obama and Hillary Clinton refuse to allow them to be enforced. In fact, it was AG Eric Holder who permitted "Fast & Furious" to transport illegal weapons into the hands of Mexican drug cartels.

4) While "Universal Background Checks" sounds like common sense, nothing could be further from the truth. For starters, it could never be universal because criminals would not comply, nor do they have to. They will continue to get their weapons as they always have - black market, thefts etc. And the DOJ, itself, states that universal background checks are unenforceable without complete gun registration. And in every case, gun registration in other nations has always preceded the confiscation of guns from law-abiding citizens

5) Many of the "Universal Background Check" laws proposed by Bloomberg and others have hidden fangs that will effectively destroy our right to defend ourselves. For example, it would make criminals out of most law-abiding citizens. Some of the proposed laws are written to include things like making it a felony to loan a gun to a relative or friend for hunting, or to even let someone hold your gun to look at it. And in many instances those laws would include sections making it a crime to have the gun and the ammo anywhere near each other - what good is that if an armed intruder breaks in to do you harm?

6) The anti-gun people often use the strawman that the Second Amendment only preserves our right to have guns for hunting, and the AR-15 is not a "hunting" rifle. First, it IS a hunting rifle - it is nothing more than the same semi-auto use for hunting that is dressed in a Superman costume. More important, the Second Amendment never mentions hunting. The right to bear arms was deliberately meant to allow citizens to own AND CARRY arms for purposes of defense - defense against either individual aggressors, or the government, itself.

7) The Second Amendment specifically and clearly states that "the right of the people to KEEP and BEAR arms shall not be INFRINGED. The Bloombergs of the world want us to overlook the definitions of BEAR and INFRINGE. To bear means to carry. Infringe means to undermine; to encroach on. Whereas the Amendment states the right shall NOT be infringed, that means no one has any right or authority to prevent any legal citizen from owning or carrying a gun.

8) While the Supreme Court has ruled that the government may regulate which weapons do not fall into "personal use" category (i.e. rocket-propelled grenades, for example), any handgun or rifle that is not fully automatic is deemed to be for personal use. After all, if you are confronted by a gang of 8, do you REALLY want to have a weapon that can only hold 7 rounds because some liberal bureaucrat orders it? Don't laugh - it happened in New Orleans during Katrina, as gangs looted businesses and homes. The short take - the person who survives a lethal confrontation will ordinarily be the one who is better armed, and better trained in the use of said arms.

9) Perhaps most important: killers kill. If you take away every gun on the planet, they will STILL kill, but with different - and often more terrible - means. Look at 9-11, where a few boxcutters helped terrorists gain control of massive airplane "bombs" that murdered 3000. Or the Boston Bombers who killed and maimed with pressure cookers. And let's not forget chemical weaponry, or biological agents. Killers will kill. Guns have nothing to do with that, but in the hands of law abiding citizens those guns can help save lives. To stop a bad guy with a gun takes a good guy with a gun. And the bad guys will always have guns, no matter how many laws are passed.

Before you fall for the so-called "common sense" measures of gun control, do your homework. You will find that in EVERY instance the liberal anti-gunners have included things designed to move their gun confiscation agenda further forward, in hidden, sneaky ways - like making you and your child  criminals if you hand one of your guns over to your child to take him or her hunting. Or even to teach them gun safety.

If you are not familiar with the "Overton Window" principle that unscrupulous people use to "move the needle" in their direction, you may want to read "The Overton Window" by Glenn Beck. Not a hard core Beck fan, but this is one time he definitely nailed it. The short take - they push a proposal that is on the fringe of acceptability, yet still acceptable to the public. Once that becomes the norm, the needle has been moved forward, creating a new window, further advanced. They will then push a proposal that is on the new "fringe", and so it goes. For example, they may know they cannot push gun confiscation through - yet. So they try to push more acceptable proposals that bring the concept closer, such as universal background checks. Once they move that needle forward, it is easier to pass gun registration, moving the needle even further. Eventually it results in confiscation - just as it did in the UK and Australia.

Think of it this way - you cannot sit down and eat a cow. But if you take the cow to a butcher, and you eat one burger or steak each day, eventually you will eat that cow.

'Nuff said. "Let he who hath wisdom understand."


Sunday, July 17, 2016

Twitter Trolls

There are some on Twitter who arrogantly profess to tell me what I believe and what I do not. And they try to do what many on the left always try to do - define a person according to THEIR one-sided views and opinions. A prime example is when they try to describe Republicans as wanting polluted air and water, and want to toss Grandma off a cliff. It's all BS, but that is what they thrive on - they cannot win an argument on merit, so they try to slime the person they disagree with.

So, this post has a singular purpose: to state what I do and do not believe, in a clear fashion. And while those on the left, including atheists and their ilk may try to twist it to be what they want it to be, the reader can and should take my beliefs to be exactly as I state them here - no more, no less.

I believe that living things, as a general rule, evolve
I do not believe evolution can account for the existence of the universe
Therefore, I believe that Creationism and Evolution can co-exist. They are not mutually exclusive. First comes birth (creation), then comes growth (evolution)
I believe God exists, but having given us free choice, does not generally interfere, but does so now and again just to let us know He's still around
Like any good Father, God lets us make mistakes so we can learn, and grow stronger
I believe the Earth warms, then cools, then warms
I believe people are arrogant if they think there is anything we can or should do about the climate cycles
As a Christian I understand that the Bible does not profess Earth to be 6000 years old. In Hebrew, the word for "day" (yom) can also mean epoch, era or any other period of time. It was King James who made that (incorrect) interpretation
I believe anyone who takes any INTERPRETATION of the Scriptures as being accurate should remember it is only an interpretation
I believe Islam is not a religion of peace, but moderates want Islam to evolve into one. Others do not
I believe that, while unlikely, it is possible that Mankind is just a huge game of "Forge of Empires" being played by unseen forces of Good and Evil
I believe evil truly exists
I believe most people are generally good, but all can be bad at times
I believe Political Correctness is a disease that could destroy America, designed to stifle free speech and expression
I believe politicians who promises anything for "free" is being blatantly dishonest - there is no free lunch
I believe the liberal professors in our colleges and universities are harming our youth, and America
I believe the liberal media intentionally misleads people, to further a liberal agenda
I believe people kill people, and would do so, guns or no guns.
I believe we should welcome honest, hard-working, law abiding immigrants who will assimilate
I believe we should deport those who cheat, cut the line and come here illegally, especially if they are convicted of any crime
I believe "sanctuary cities" are in violation of federal law and the Constitution, and should not be allowed
I believe American citizens should have more rights than illegals
I believe my life belongs to God, my family, myself  & my country - in that order
I believe we are all brothers and sisters - but we don't have to like them all
I believe others have the right to disagree with me, and be wrong if they so choose
I believe abortion is murder except when there is a real threat to the life of the mother, or in cases on incest
I believe only violent offenders should take up space in prisons. Others should be subject to other penalties
I believe dealing in drugs that can, and do, kill is a violent crime
I especially believe my wife, my best friend, is the most wonderful woman I have ever met

AND, I believe that those who refuse to respect my right to my opinions, or try to bully me from expressing them are not worthy of any consideration from anyone, anywhere

I believe a lot of folks won't like my beliefs.
And I believe I don't give a hoot

And I believe I'll grab a cold one, and watch Duck Dynasty